This website has been developed by the Educator by Experience group at Northumbria University. This is a group of people who have experience of social work involvement in their lives and now use that experience to educate the future generation of social workers. They do this by sharing their stories, by talking to students about what works for them and what doesn’t, by developing case studies, by interviewing prospective students, by helping faculty to develop their programmes and by many, many more activities besides…  If this is something that might interest you then please explore this website and get in touch!



…the best place to find out what is going on. This website has been created to engage with issues of interest to anyone who has experience of social services. The website is curated by the Educator by Experience Committee for social work education at Northumbria University.

Further information about the website:

  • Contributions and endorsements reflect those of their respective authors and not necessarily those of the university or of the committee.
  • Time-sensitive information is not meant to be taken as valid after the date and time of publication.
  • All contributions are welcome and are published as received subject to minimal editorial input.


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