Hello everyone,

I thought it would be good to squeeze in one more blog before I head off on leave for a couple of weeks. As usual, things have been really busy here. I’ve been away to Singapore to help with setting up our BA Guidance and Counselling degree over there which is a really exciting development. I was able to meet with some of the tutors and the students and hear more about the local context for counselling and social work there. We are looking forward to collaborating with them and developing the relationship over the coming years…

Chinatown in Singapore

Coffee morning…

We will be hosting a coffee morning on the 16th January from 10.30-12pm at Coach Lane Campus. This is a chance for anyone who is thinking about getting involved at the university to come along and find out a little bit more about what we do and how we do it all. We welcome involvement from people who have their own personal experiences of social work in their lives and who are willing to share these experiences to help educate future social workers. This is not just about sharing your story though; there are opportunities to get involved in loads of different activities and if you would like to know more then this coffee morning is a chance for you to find out! We will also be running another round of presentation skills and interview skills training on the 20th January from 9.30-1pm. Anyone is welcome to attend this if they feel it would be useful for them and support their involvement at the university. Please email to the address below or you can use the contact form on the home page of the website to find out more about either of these events or to book a place.

Little India in Singapore

Educator by Experience committee

Our next committee meeting will take place on the 13th February from 1-3pm at Coach Lane Campus. Please see the website for details about the committee or email me with any questions.

Nominate your new committee chair…

It is also that time of year when we nominate and vote for our committee chair and vice-chair. If you would like to be considered or nominate someone please get in touch!



There is also an open call out currently for contributions to the website (www.socialworkwhisperer.com).  This call is for any contributions on the topic of refugees and asylum seekers. Contributions can include (but are not limited to) written pieces (which can be based on personal experience, research, or a combination of things), poetry, images, films etc. Anything sent to me will be published on the website (I will not edit your work, however, everything that is published on the site is anonymised and only your first name will be used as the author/ creator). The contributions will also be used as the basis for our next Whisperings get together which will take place on the 13th February from 3.30pm-4.30pm. Whisperings are a chance for us to get together in a non formal manner to talk about topical issues of importance to us all. As always, all are welcome. Please just email for a place.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

In summary then:

  • Coffee morning – 16th January 10.30 – 12pm
  • Presentation skills and interview skills training – 20th January 9.30-1pm
  • Committee meeting – 13th February 1-3pm
  • Whisperings – 13th February 3.30-4.30pm

Full details including room numbers etc will be sent out via email so if you are not currently on the contact list and would like to be, or would like more information about any of this please contact me on Sarah.Lonbay@northumbria.ac.uk and I will be happy to help.

I hope that you all have a peaceful and happy time over the next few weeks and I look forward to seeing you in the new year.