Hi everyone for the last few months I have been really busy (a thing I always like to be ) interviewing for the new intake of Social Work students a job which I really enjoy. I have also co-facilitated a training day with Sarah Lonbay to show new people who are interested in interviewing or doing presentations at the Uni the different styles of presenting and what to look out for whilst interviewing to get the best from the candidate.

I am still doing Freelance work for Launchpad and facilitating the Self Injury group once a month. I am really happy to say also that the book I have written ( This One’s For Vicky ) is going to be printed in the next few weeks.

I also am very happy to announce that I have been voted as chair of The Service User and Carers Social Work Committee for the 3rd year in a row at Northumbria Uni, which really means a lot to me.

I would also like to thank all the staff on the Social Work Program for their ongoing support and the life changing opportunities they give me year in and year out.

Many thanks Steve.